One-on-One Lessons

Tony's Tennis Camp offers a wide variety of classes to students of all ages. But maybe you want individualized instruction? Maybe you want a setting where you can move at your pace and not the pace of the class? Maybe you want a personalized setting where you can ask and have answered your questions without others in a group listening? No problem. Tony's Tennis Camp proudly offers one-on-one tennis lessons to students of all ages, including adults.

In addition to one-on-one lessons, Tony's Tennis Camp conducts semi-private lessons - classes for small groups of 2 or more students. Maybe you and your spouse want to learn tennis together? Maybe your son/daughter wants to learn the sport with you? When exercise is conducted in groups, participants are more likely to continue with the activity until it becomes a routine. Tony's Tennis Camp offers a great opportunity for semi-private lessons.

Pricing for private lessons is based on audience size.

  • Private lessons
    • One-on-one for 30 minutes: $50
    • One-on-one for 60 minutes: $90
  • Semi-private lessons
    • Two students for 60 minutes: $60 per student
    • Three students for 60 minutes: $40 per student
    • Four to six students for 60 minutes: $30 per student

Contact us to make an appointment for your convenient private lessons!

While your taking class, don't forget to have your racquet inspected. If it needs to be restrung or have a new grip applied, we can handle that for you, too. To learn more, go to our services.